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He is the only one...

He is the only one...who keeps taking the plastic cups and fillinf them with water from the water dispenser.  Not only plastic cups, anything that look remotely like a container that can hold water.  From his toys, to even his hats, to shoes, to anything...

He is the only one...who keeps pointing to the TV and saying,"宝宝,宝宝" for Teletubbies(天线宝宝).  Then he would run to get the remote controls.  Not for mummy.  But to use the remote control to reach for the TV power switch, and switch on the TV.  And when he got older, he would just climb onto the TV console and turn on the TV.

He is the only one...who sticks the most to mummy.  When I step into the house, he would shout,"Ma-mi-yeee!" from wherever he is and run excitedly to the door to greet me.  Whenever I am in the house, he would prefer me to Ayi.  When I goes into the room, he would tell ayi,"出去", and tug ayi's arm.

He is the only one...who likes to blow kisses for no reason.  We would be playing and suddenly he would come and give us a kiss on the cheeks, or the back of our hands.

He is the only one...who can multi-task.  A few times, when he is focusing on the iPad and I asked him to pass me a piece of tissue, he actually did so without needing me to ask twice.

He is the only one...who likes to climb onto my lap whenever he can.  Mealtimes, he would climb out of his high chair and across the table to sit on my lap for meals.  When I step through the door, and squat down to hug him, he would take the chance to sit on my knee.  Sometimes, he would even take the iPad and play with it on my lap.

He is the only one...who when we ask him for the biscuit in his hand, turn his whole body away and point to the biscuit bowl (meaning you can take from the bowl and not from him).  Everyone else happily give mummy the biscuit.

He is the only one...who keep lying down on the floow after he fall down, calling,"Mummy, Mummy."  No, he is not crying.  But he just keeps calling until you go over and help him up.  Everyone else gets up almost immediately if they had a fall.

He is the only one who will cry the hardest and angriest.  There was a time when he was around a year old, he would scream so hard and loud when anything upsetted him, he would forget to breathe.  Then he would finally stop screaming, close his eyes and go limp in our arms like he has fainted.  Luckily after a while, I learnt to press hard on certain acupuncture point, and episodes like these are almost gone now.

He is the only one who likes to feel my arms around him when he sleeps.  I remember LL and QQ would throw my hands away if I try to pat them when they stir in the middle of the night, like I am a nuisance.  This boy will take my hand and wrap around his body.

He is the only one who is the most alert to anyone of us leaving the house.  When he sees us change our clothes, he will say,"服, 服" and tug at his jacket.  Then he will go to the shoe cabinet and choose his shoes.  And yes, he gets really upset if he is not going with us.

He is the only one with a keen eye for beauty.  Even at such a young age, he already knows to choose the clothes he like.  For now, everything he wears must have "bear-bear", or "花 花" or " 车 车".  And when he sees something he likes, usually something glittering, he would tell us "美 美"

And he is the only one who smiles most cheekily and everything mischief he done is forgiven....



Mummy,"WW, 叫我."
WW," Ayi.....ayi"
As I turn away pretending to be angry, WW,"MaMa!"


LL the chef

I had always been trying to get LL to start cooking. Simple things like cracking an egg, stirring the pancake mixture, even frying the egg.  But I stopped for a while after I was pregnent with WW. 

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket (LL and his cheese prata)

Now that WW is bigger, I am getting him back to the kitchen again.  He is always very enthusiastic to be behind the stove.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket (LL frying an egg)
So far we have tried frying eggs, roti prata, and cooking dumplings.  On some Saturday monings when we have lots of time, he would fry eggs for all of us. He would slowly break the egg into the pan, wait a while, and carefully try to flip the egg over to the other side.  When it is done, he would transfer the egg to the plate for serving.

 And he is getting quite good.  Even though sometimes our 荷包蛋 would become 烂蛋 or 乱七八糟蛋. 



Mummy,"MM的肚子不是很圆了, 已经比以前的小很多了."


Signs of growing up

School started since Sep.  This year, LL is in Year 2.  And very obviously, he is showing signs of growing up, signs that he is different from the "Hero Factory" and "Ninjago" boy in Year 1.


Last year when I asked him if he play with the girls in his class, he makes a yucky face and goes,"Eee.....girls....yucks!"  Ever since school started, he has been telling me about this girl in his class, Kathy.  His good friend, ZX's mom told me one day ZX came home and declared to her,"LL is almost in love!"  He said that LL and Kathy go everywhere together, play together, even eat together.  When Kathy gets an extra serving of lunch, LL also asks for an extra serving.  LL has no time to play with him now.  Can this be called his first puppy love?


His hair always stand up when he wakes up in the morning, and we always tease him about his "公鸡头".  One day, a few days after school started, I noticed his hair is a little different from his normal day.  At first I thought he had wetted his hair so that it does not stand up, and so I did not take much notice.  Then some time later, I suddenly realised his hair is still wet?!  That's when I found out he had secretly applied PaPa's gel.  Talk about girls using mummies' make-up.  No-one ever told me about boys using daddies' hair gel.  Is this because of Kathy?

And this year, I have not been hearing him talk about Hero Factory or Ninjago.  I do wonder what the boys are playing in school now?

The rasal is 14 months old

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
At 14 months, WW has lots of ideas of his own.  Even though he still cannot talk, he has his ow ways to communicate his needs. 

Photobucket Photobucket
When he is thirsty or wants his milk, he would take his water bottle from the dining table and give it to us.  When he is hungry, he would climb up his baby chair and search the dining table for food. If there is good stuff, he would even climb up the table.  Now, his favourite spot is his baby chair.  He is an expert at pulling it away from the table, climbing it, and sitting on it like a king sitting on his throne.

His favourite past-time is raiding the snack cupboard for his favourite snack.  Then he would come to us, going "ng, ng, ng", asking us to open and give him a bit.


Hot summer is the best time for the pool.  The first time WW touched water, he squeals in delight and thoroughly enjoy himself.  This is totally unlike LL and QQ.  LL was both thrilled and scared.  He would play in the water for a while and then run away.  Then go back to the water again.  QQ was stiff and could not relax, even though she did not cry.

This could be from bathing in the bath tub.  Now, the party has grown from 2 to 3.  Bath time is now play time for all 3 of them.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

He also likes to go out to the balcony and sit down on the ledge.  Many times, he would run out , sit down, and smile cheekily at us, waiting for us to call him back.  Yes, he is the cheekiest of the lot.  So many times, he would flash his cheeky grin and we would all forget whatever mischief he was up to.



LL," Mummy, 我是超级坏人大怪兽.  妹妹是超级无敌小帮手."

LL wobbly tooth

Ever since the beginning of Year 1 last Sep, most of LL classmates have been changing their teeth to the permanent ones.  Some of them have even changed 3 to 4 of their teeth.

Every other day, LL would show me his teeth and tell me that he thinks his tooth is wobbly.  And everytime it's a false alarm.

Until a few days ago.  I think he must have been looking at himself in the mirror.  A short while later, he came out and showed me his teeth.  A gap had developed between two of his teeth. 

Photobucket Photobucket
For a brief moment, I thought something had gone wrong with his teeth development.  Then I gently shook his tooth and ...HURRAY!  Finally, we also have a shaky tooth.

Now we are just waiting for it to come off...

(At this same time, WW is busy sprouting this exact same tooth, tooth no. 8...reminds me of when LL was just sprouting his first pearly...seems just like not so long ago...)

WW is one

Even before WW is 11 months old, he is an expert at climbing the double decker bed.  The upper deck always holds a mysterious charm to him as he sees his GorGor and JieJie climb up and jump down everyday.  For a long time, he just stand at the base of the stairs, shouting happily whenever LL and QQ is having fun.

Then one day he decides he is strong enough to accept the challenge.  Step by step, he scale the ladder and finally make it to the top.  And then he would start a "pillow" fight by throwing all the soft toys down the bed.  And whoever it is at the base of the bed, be it Mummy or LL or QQ, we would throw it back at him.  And he would be highly entertained, squealing in delight.

Photobucket Photobucket
Though he can walk a few steps by himself after he is 10 months, he still prefers to crawl.  The surprising thing is right after his first birthday, he suddenly want to walk.  Even after he falls, instead of crawling he managed to pick himself up and contine walking.  And within one week, he is an expert at walking.

Within a few weeks of walking, I can feel that he is no longer the baby.  His is thinking more and more like a mischievious toddler.  And everytime he does something he is not supposed to, he would give you his signature mischievious grin which would totally melt your heart and forgot to scold him.

And while he is still a good eater, he is getting to be more and more of a connoisour.  Bland things like hard boiled egg, tofu or wanton skin, are no-no.  He would even take a bite of the wanton, swallow the fillings and spit out the skin.  But for all other stuff that we eat, he would demand a share.  His favourite pass time is to raid the titbit cupboard.  One by one, he would hand us the titbits he is interested in and "ah-ah-ah" until you open the packet and give him a bite.

I can fly II


LL can swing proper right after he turned five.  QQ had always loved the swing, squealing in delight everytime we pushed her high in the air.  I had never thought about when she would be able to swing on her own.  Afterall, she is just three and a half.

Now that the weather is turning warmer, she is spending more time in the playground.  And she would be shouting for me to push her while I was chit-chatting with others.  Sometimes I would go to her, but many times I would ask her to just figure it out herself.

One day suddenly, I realise she has not called for me for a long time.  And when I went to look for her,  there she is, high in the sky, happily showing off her new found skill.  From now on I can chat freely with other mommies.  Yippee!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
QQ has also started her ballet.  She gets super high once he puts on her tutu and charge round like a high speed train.  Then she jumped and jumped, and try to fly like a bird.  I think this flying thing is something the teacher did in class.  She just look forward to her ballet class every week.

And WW had his first time on the swing.  After the initial jitters, he was happy and enjoying himself.  He even wave to us in delight.  Soon he would be able to play on all the other kiddy things in the playground.